• Disposable PPH Stapler

      Contact NowDisposable PPH StaplerModel No.: AYHFeatures1.use import titanium staples of high-quality to enhance tensile strength of anastomosis2.more staples for better heamostatic effect3.integral technique of punch and jcak has morRead More2015-12-15

    • Disposable Circular Stapler

      Contact NowDisposable Circular StaplerModel No.: AYCFeatures1.use of separated anvil without lip to reduce wound2.reasonable arrangement of staples to reduce post-operative bleeding3.ergonomic handle design provides more comfortable handlRead More2015-12-15

    • Disposable Auto Linear Stapler

      Contact NowDisposable Auto Linear StaplerModel No.: AYLFeatures1.changeable cartridges for saving the patient's expense2.special transmission makes staples shaped powerfully and stably3.thinner anvil design has no need to discrete more spaceRead More2015-12-15

    • Disposable Linear Cutter Stapler

      Contact NowDisposable Linear Cutter StaplerModel No.: AYQFeatures1.staple row extends approximately 1.5staples beyond cut line2.widened firing button for more comfortable use3.intermediate locking position alllows maneuvering and repositioningRead More2015-12-15

    • Disposable Curved Cutter Stapler

      Contact NowDisposable Curved Cutter StaplerModel No.: AHCFeatures1.unique arc structure meet the pelvis structure2.suture length is longer than cutting length to effectively prevent bleeding3.you can cut and suture at the same time to ensure gRead More2015-12-15

    • Disposable Double-handle Auto Linear Stapler

      Contact NowDisposable Double-handle Auto Linear StaplerModel No.: AYBFeatures1.parallel closure,uniform pressure of tissue2.retaining pin avoid tissue over-flow3.clamp tissue automatically,easy for one-hand manipulation4.two knds of staple height for thinRead More2015-12-15

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